Life can be viewed through many avenues, either through the lens of a camera, through a screen on a smart phone, the shiny numbers on your black card, or in some unexpected nook in the middle of nowhere. However you choose, make the most of your experiences. There is only one life to live and you don't know when your time is up. 

Usually this is where you find the typical 3rd person rant about how many races you have won or which magazines you are published in. Society has trained us that these are what should be here.  

Instead, I'd rather explain how I look at the world and what inspires art. It stems from my impulsive desire to observe life from a different perspective. When something can be influenced in that altered perspective, art happens. That influence can be something as simple as clicking the shutter or making that grind. Pushing the boundaries of that influence makes something entirely new. Something that can transport the viewer into that altered perspective. 

Dan Gundrum - Experientialist